Role: Product Design Intern

Client: Neolth 


Timeframe: May 2020 – August 2020

Methods: Sketching, Data Collection, Contextual Inquiry, Affinity diagram, Prototyping, & User Testing

Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Fireflies, & Miro


For my 2020 internship, I worked at a San Francisco based mental health start-up, Neolth.  Neolth is a digital stress management platform for students. As a member of the design team, I my primary task were to design the face of the platform, the dash board, and the content of the exercise pages. 

The design process used consisted of interviewing potential users, analyzing the results of the interviews, synthesizing the data from the results, brainstorming potential solutions, developing sketching and wireframes of solutions, critiquing and further developing iterations of the prototype, testing and further refining the prototype.  This process resulted in a high quality final product.

Stress is prevalent among students.  This is more so due the world-wide COVID-19 pandemic. Neolth hopes to help students manage by providing personalized exercises to relieve their stress

Neolth Dashboard



Problem Statement:

Help individuals self-manage rapidly increasing stress levels among high-school, undergraduate and graduate students.  Increase due to academic, social, and global health issues. Stress reduces students’ quality of life and academic performance. Moreover, increased stress among students leads to self-harming behaviors such as suicide.


A new study finds that when students experience an academic setback such as a bad grade, the amount of cortisol—the so-called stress hormone—in their bodies typically spikes.

In 2019 Challenge Success surveyed approximately 20,000 students from rigorous, college-focused schools. These students reported that the major sources of stress they experienced stemmed from “grades, tests, quizzes, finals, or other assessments,” “overall workload and homework,” and “college and their future.”

Among more than 67,000 students surveyed, over 20 percent said they experienced stressful events in the last year that were strongly associated with mental health problems, including harming themselves and suicidal thoughts or attempts.


Objective & Goals:

The desired outcome of this project is to provide a tool that will reduce stress among students through self-management techniques.


Several solutions currently exist for students to manage stress.  These range from mobile phone applications such as Nod and SilverCloud to traditional professional counseling and medication. In addition, several semi-structured interview were conducted over zoom with potential users.




Team completed several rounds of this creative idea generating technique using Miro.  Using the brainstorming, I generated over 100 design possibilities.  The team critiqued and filtered down these design ideas to one final, researched-based concepts.




User Testing:

Over the iterations of prototyping, the team ran tests with potential end users. These tests were  presented via Zoom.


Based on the finding from these tests, the team was able to narrow down and perfect several iterations of the prototypes.


After several iterations, the team and I created an platform for users(students) to receive the stress help they need.  At the end of my internship, I presented my finding and proposed platform to the CEOs and co-founder of  Neolth.  This was accepted and implemented by in the current build of the application. Congratulations to Neolth for being Established 2020 Start-Up of the Year in Edtech.  


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