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- About Joe
Hello, by way of introduction, my name is Joseph Henrichs! I am a recent graduate of John Carroll University located in University Heights, Ohio.

I am currently living in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.My degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, with a major in Integrated Marketing and minor in entrepreneurship. My immediate goal is to secure opportunities to gain practical experience to supplement my education. If I could describe myself in three words, it would be creative, determined, and passionate


- Joe @ Work


I have spent a great deal of time behind the camera. In high school, I served as resident photographer for a youth group and as a sports videographer for Grosse Pointe South’s football team.  I greatly enjoyed filming football, running along with the players or climbing up the bleachers as I photographed the action. I carried this passion to college, working for John Carroll University’s Center for Creative Media filming lectures, sports practices and various campus events

- Joe @ Play

I have always put great value on being healthy and physically fit. I play hard, and enjoy being physically active. As a child, I loved swimming year-around, competing in both summer leagues and school swim teams. As an adult, I hit the gym several times a week, to use the weights and machines. In the summer, I have added golf to my activities. I love to play at twilight, when the courses are quieter and more alive with the sounds of nature.

- Joe @ School

My elementary school experience was unique. I attended several school, each with a definite pervasive culture. As a young boy, I went to a private school with a large Jewish population. My middle school years were spent in a small Catholic school, with a large, urban public school wedged in between. As a result, I have a deep understanding of several different cultures. I have a great love and respect for all people.

I graduated from Grosse Pointe South high school in 2011, and from John Carroll University in May, 2016. I am in interested in beginning work on a Master’s degree in business in the near future.

- Joe @ Home

We are living during exciting times. Advances in technology, such as smartphones and social media, are changing the dynamics of the world. Although there are risks, the possibilities of improvement for so many people are real, and I want to be part of making these improvements realities. I am a Communication major, with strong concentrations in Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship, and a capitalist at heart. I am driven with a focus of giving back to my home communities Grosse Pointe (Grosse Pointe South High School is show above) Detroit, alumni work at John Carroll University, and the global community

- Joe @ Community

My older brother is autistic. All my life, I have witnessed Carl struggle to overcome the simplest daily activities such as finding a friend to eat lunch with or understanding a classmate’s joke. Carl is my hero, and I work hard to help him make his way in the world, and volunteer to help others with similar developmental disabilities.

In the past, I worked with “We the People” a service opportunity where I worked with a team to educate urban middle school students on ways to improve the communities where they live. My students worked on projects to improve the cleanliness of their school.


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